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The just released third novel by Tennison Long, Of Tribe & Empire, is dedicated to the founder and president of the author’s fan club The Congregation, founded in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2018, by so-called secret fan Ansi Alibava, who at the young age of 24 was killed in the Christchurch Mosque Massacre.

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RIP Ansi Alibava (1995-2019)

American writer Tennison Long is the author of Glorious Verve, When We Ran The Master Plan, and Of Tribe & Empire. He likes to take his readers on a psychological thrill ride, blending the macabre with the sublime, sewing the seams of mental confusion with emotional clarity. He offers a uniquely imagined prose that sustains moments of sputtering haunted brilliance. He lives in Northern California and would love to hear from you. 


If you would like to join The Congregation, Tennison Long’s fan club, at no cost, please send an email to