Of Tribe & Empire
By Tennison Long

In the near future, race has replaced religion and identity has become politics. America settles in as a nation that acquiesced disorder through political correctness and the coddling of its youth. Having arrived at a point of no return, the citizens of the United States double down with their intolerance for differing ideas, through weaponizing language and a total remaking of the intersectional landscape. With Civil War II underway, the story is told by a government propagandist, chronicling dispatches from the comfort and safety of Westphalia, a one-percenter’s resort for wartime secured living. As the Resistance battles the Patriots, the pent-up doom of global strife arrives at America’s shores with unimaginable consequences. A tale both thrilling and disturbing, it challenges the most cherished assumptions of our fellow citizens. If you cannot win your personal battles how can you win the war?


American writer Tennison Long is the author of Glorious Verve, When We Ran The Master Plan, and Of Tribe & Empire. He likes to take his readers on a psychological thrill ride, blending the macabre with the sublime, sewing the seams of mental confusion with emotional clarity. He offers a uniquely imagined prose that sustains moments of sputtering haunted brilliance. 



“The Reverend seems to have it all, a beautiful family, solid career and his amplified role in the online church, but behind this ideal life is a quiet boredom and lingering desperation. When a homeless encampment sets off the Blacker Plague, society must turn inward, and in this collective shell the Reverend goes after redemption in the doomed terrain of a traumatized society, while visiting his inner demons in hope of emerging from a private catastrophe of dreadful illusion…”

Set amid the voyeuristic static of a post-surveillance world, we follow our anti-hero’s online encounters with a virtual jihadi and the journey of his cis-identity's surrender to the ambient virtue signals and gaslighting from his new Islamic pen pal...beginning a languid mental and physical transition in how to better cope and survive surrounded by these newfound spiritual awakenings while his pleasure receptors are quickly burning out, his radicalization manifesting a more righteous version of himself, under a new glorious light, or is it a new darkness verve...

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Glorious Verve
By Tennison Long