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Excerpts from the recent interview with LANDFALL Journal (Otago University, New Zealand):

You have been referred to as the “new Chuck Palahniuk of dick lit.”  Do you agree with this comparison?

I am flattered, don’t get me wrong, but is it ok to refer to myself as “the new Tennison Long of dick lit.”

You were caught up in a brief twitter war with Bret Easton Ellis.  Can you tell us what that was about?

Essentially he made a mockery of my “loose usage of juxtapositioning the macabre with the sublime” in my novel Glorious Verve for which I countered that I learned it all from him.  We are good now.

Can you go on record here and explain why is it that you don’t do public readings of your book?

In this over-mediated world the last thing we need is to know more about our artists.  A little bit less would be more.  I mean, when I was a kid we had no idea who these writers were….I mean, was JD Salinger a man or a woman?  

Can you give us a little peak into the your process of writing?

I don’t know what you want me to say but I can tell you that it gets dark, extremely dark at times.  I have to decompress after writing sessions so as not to freak out on my family.  I do not fully internalize the main characters but I do pick up on the paranoia and I do start to believe I was being followed.  Under some kind of electronic surveillance by the FBI or NSA.  I don’t have proof but I am still not sure.

glorious verve tennison long

If you could say one thing to your haters what would it be?

You need to understand that I only write Tennison Long novels.  That is all I know and want to do.  If you are going to burn the calories trolling me please know that your wasted energy is a one way transaction.

Can you tell us more about your second novel WHEN WE RAN THE MASTERPLAN?

Well, it’s a psychological tour de force (laughing).  I felt so free writing it because I was able to unleash on the mental illness that pervades society, yet I was able to hide behind the guise of fiction.  I could throw out the politically correct playbook and just offload what essentially was quite a bit of pent up frustration.  But seriously, it is about how online you can be whoever you want to be.  The ambient artifice of social media.  It’s wordy but it’s a lot of fun.

when we ran the masterplan tennison long

And lastly, can you explain your popularity here in New Zealand, and relative anonymity in the States?

I think the main part of it is Glorious Verve was tested out on the Kiwi market ahead of anywhere else in the world.  And people here like to read edgy stuff (laughing).  The Royal Christchurch Reading Society have helped immensely with their book club endorsement. I will tell you this, if I am only "New Zealand famous" for the rest of my writing career I will be more than happy!

The author lives in Northern California.  He can be reached via fanclub@tennisonlong.com